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GBC Carbon Crunching Chat (Newsletter) C#819

By 10/02/2022May 21st, 2022One Comment

GBC Carbon Crunching Chat Newsletter

GBC is launching a newsletter with two invitation emails to existing contacts

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Green Building Calculator launches Version 2 at Futurebuild 2022

Hello current and future Carbon-Counters

  • GBC V2 is MS Excel-based, open-book, a multi-functional design and decision tool and calculator,
  • It adds whole building embodied energy, embodied carbon, sequestered carbon and costs to the existing in-use energy, carbon and costs of GBC V1. 
  • GBC V2 calculates Form Factor to help set U value targets, it engages user’s choice of regulated, design standards, or campaign targets, including:
  • UK or any national regulations; AECB, CL, CLR, PH, EnerPHit; LETI, ACAN, RIBA, TfL, etc.
  • GBC V2’s elemental assemblies allow choice of components, materials or products; checks, confirms U values meet targets or warns if not. 
  • Summary sheet emphasises which elements have disproportionate heat losses to enable review of specification choices.
  • GBC V2 includes a bill of quantities to allow cost planning, quotation collating, tendering;
  • with cost and carbon data, intelligent value engineering is possible.

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Hello Solution Providers

  • The launch of GBC Version 2 initiates the need for two fundamentally important datasets:
  • Green Building Product Data Collection (GBPDC):
    • It includes ‘Golden-thread CCPI quality’ product properties and performance, with embodied energy, embodied carbon, sequestered carbon and Environmental Product Declaration data.
  • Green Building Price Book (GBPB):
    • Products, Accessories, Labour and Plant rates
  • GBC V2 includes drop down lists of appropriate products to choose from, users select your company and products by name, it then interrogates this data to populate the calculator’s cells from look up tables and automatically calculates many impacts.
  • GBC V2 includes a bill of quantities to interrogate GBPB to allow competent cost planning & tendering
    • With cost, performance and impact data linked dynamically, all in one place, intelligent value engineering is possible and substitution avoided.

If you have ‘Golden-thread CCPI quality’ data to share GBC are interested

  • Excel Exhibition Centre
  • Futurebuild 2022
  • Digital Impact Zone
  • Stand L68
  • 1st-3rd March 2022

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