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GBE PDC Green Building Encyclopaedia Product Data Collection

  • GBE PDC has bigger ambitions than Green Building Product Data Collection (GBPDC) and Green Building Price Book (GBPB) in the early stages, but will inform their evolution.
  • Inside and outside of the world of Building Information Management (BIM) it is important for a manufacturer, supplier or installer to have a readymade Product Data Sheet in their armoury of marketing and specification sales tools.
  • Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) and Green Building Calculator (GBC) offer Product Data Collection services (PDC) to collect, collate, rationalise and edit; information on manufacturer, suppliers, products, accessories and systems.
  • GBE PDC currently identifies 1260 pieces of information about manufacturer, product and system; this continues to grow as BIM and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) drives the demand for more robust open data
  • Not all of 1260 apply to any one product, GBE typically collects 600 for any one product
  • Collection and editing the information takes 1 to 2 days and a few iteration cycles as manufacturers/suppliers seek out less obvious, elusive or absent information.
  • In some cases the data may already exist, say in the R&D, QA or Accounts departments, but has not found its way into the conscience of the marketing department.

GBE Product Data Sheet & Output Schedules

  • Once the GBE PDC is complete, all available information that are relevant to the desired outputs, are collected into a single spreadsheet.
  • GBE can then export selected information to up to 37 different documents or for other purposes
  • These export documents can become part of the companies marketing or technical literature; presented and disseminated as they wish.
  • There are many schedules for different purposes throughout the products complete life cycle.
  • GBE Product Data Sheet generates documents for use in GBE Website pages and Green Building Calculator (GBC)
    • 1 Images
    • 2 About Product
    • 3 GBE Incubator
    • 4 GBE Product Accessory System Screening PASS
    • 5 GBE HERACEY™ (Healthy Environmental Resourceful Appropriate Competent Effective Yardstick)
    • 6 Manufacturers Download Files
    • 7 GBE Product Data Sheet (PDS)
    • 8 Building Information Management (BIM) Computer Aided Design (CAD) Model
    • 9 Building Information Management (BIM) Product Data Sheet
    • 10 COBie Spreadsheet
    • 11 GBS Product Specification
    • 12 GBE Application Data Sheet
    • 13 GBE Accessories
    • 14 Systems
    • 15 GBE & GBC Elemental Assemblies
    • 16 GBE Elemental Assembly Specification
    • 17 GBS Workmanship Specification
    • 18 GBS Waste Specification
    • 19 GBS Facilities Management (FM) Spec In Use Maintenance Specification
    • 20 GBE End of Life Options (EoLO)
    • 1 GBS Product Passport
    • 2 GBS Reclaimed Material Passport
    • 22 See Also: Related GBE Pages & Posts
    • 23 Echo Confirmation of Manufacturer’s Declaration
    • 24 GBE Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and GBE Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    • 25 GBE Classify
    • 26 GBE Manufacturer’s page
    • 27 GBE Supplier’s page
    • 28 GBE Installer/Applicator’s page
    • 29 GBE Environmental Assessment Method (EAM) Data
    • 30 Contact Details
    • 31 GBE Company Page Schedule
    • 32 GBE Product Page Schedule
    • 33 Accreditations, Certificates and Labels
    • 34 GBE Method Statement (GBE MS)
    • 35 GBE Compare
    • 36 Total
    • 37 GBC Green Building Calculator
    • 38 GBPDC Green Building Product Data Collection
    • 39 GBPB Green Building Price Book

Support: Manufacturers and suppliers (product dataset providers)

  • Once GBC Version 2 is released @ Futurebuild in March 2022
  • A manufacturers and suppliers group will be set up
  • A Zoom meeting will be held to introduce the opportunity to be included in Green Building Calculator (GBC)
  • A much smaller set of data is required to be included in GBC’s datasets to be interrogated by GBC Calculators
  • That set will grow as the 37 Versions of GBC are developed and more properties are interrogated
  • If you wish to join this group
  • Email helpline:
    • Email questions and responses will be added to new page or FAQ

GBE Product Data Collection (GBE PDC) Spreadsheet:

  • An Excel worksheet has been created and is available on request
  • As GBC Versions develop additional datasets will be required and new cells will be added to GBE PDC & GBPDC & GBPB
  • Download latest version of the GBE PDC file for free
  • To be completed by:
    • manufacturer or supplier, at their speed, at their expense
    • or by GBC at Manufacturer or supplier expense
  • To be audited by GBC for corrections or completion by manufacturer or supplier or by GBC at their expense
  • Data currently collected includes:
    • Products, Accessories and Systems
    • Sizes, properties and certification
    • Appropriate Competent Applications
    • Specification Information
    • Suppliers or manufacturers
    • Correlation to any BIM Models & Product Data Files
    • Prices: realistic prices that are available to GBC users

See Also:

  • PowerPoint CPD: GBC Green Building Calculator + GBC Future Development.

Coming soon:

  • Guidance on completion of GBE Product Data Collection
  • Live Zoom meeting: introduction, including demonstration.
  • Recorded Zoom meeting: available from YouTube after live events.
  • PowerPoint CPD: GBC Green Building Calculator + GBC Future Development.
  • Telephone Helpline: To be announced, if found necessary.

GBC Product Data Collection C#509 End.

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18th October 2021 – 13th March 2022

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