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GBC Mentoring Khartoum Sudan

By Archway – Architecture Mentoring Program
  • Programme to guide and mentor students and fresh graduates in various disciplines presented by graduates and experts.
  • A video presentation by BrianSpecMan followed by delegate Q&A

Date: 13th August 2022

Organiser: Reem Tageldin @ Archway team, Faculty of Architecture, University of Khartoum, Sudan

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Speaker: Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan

Delivery: On-line via facebook video

Moderator: Shahd Gaafar 

GBC Feedback

Hi Brian

  • I would like to thank you so much for giving us some of your precious time.
  • To be honest this was an amazing experience for us here in Sudan to have someone with your experience give us a session.
  • I hope we may have you as a speaker more often.

Sincerely Shahd Gaafar

Hey Brian!

  • The session was very informative and more than expected!
  • Thank you so much for your collaboration.

Reem Tageldin

Hey Reem

  • Thank you for such an Intelligent audience with interesting questions
  • (the best I have had so far).



Archway – Architecture Mentoring Program 
Don’t forget to comment with your questions, so we can answer them at the end of the session!
Q&A starts at 1:11:00 in the video

What can we replace cement with?
See Video Q&A @ 1:11:50

Reem Tageldin How does the emerging health challenges (COVID for example ) change the framework for GBC?
See Video Q&A @

Mona Dualbait Sudan uses mostly violet materials because they are cheaper, how can we as a country in an economic crisis tackle this?
See Q&A @ 1:14:00 & 1:20:30

Nawal Bakhet Has GBC been applied to an existing project?
Student competition entry completed and Retrofit version case studies underway
See Video @ 30:38-33:50

Assmaa Yousif Are temporary structures actually more efficient? or will we end up consuming more?
See Video Q&A @ 1:15:20

Hazardous materials are everywhere, contractors are struggling to educate about hazardous materials and waste, what can Architects do about hazardous materials and waste?
See Video @ 1:20:30

Hala Warrag If we want to learn how to use this calculator where can we apply to?

Reem Tageldin Interesting!

Reem Tageldin A contextual GBC will be a great addition to the profession.
See Video @ 40:30 to 41:00

Noon Osama What could be a greener alternative for HVAC systems, specially in a hot climate like ours?
See Video Q&A @ 1:24:00

Assmaa Yousif Also Avoid the cladding lol !

Can GBC work in Sudan?
See Video @ 1:26:40 to 1:29:20

Reem Tageldin Very informative
Thank you Reem

Reem Tageldin Very informative! Thank you for the content

Shima Alshaikh Thank you for such an informative session!!!
Thank you for saying so, I appreciate it.


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GBC Mentoring Khartoum Sudan C#1396

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
13th August 2022 – 27th August 2022

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