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GRC @ Futurebuild 2023 Exhibition

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Firstplanit +GRC at Futurebuild 2023
Firstplanit +GRC Futurebuild 2023 Exhibition
Green Building Calculator GRC Logo

GRC @ Futurebuild 2023 Event

Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th March 2023

Exhibition stand: Firstplanit + GBC Stand: M60

Presentation: at Edge, Stand: L50, Thursday 12:15 (see video below)

Green Retrofit Calculator version 1 launch

Brian Murphy, aka BrianSpecMan, founder of GreenSpec and now creator of Green Building Encyclopaedia, demonstrated the key features of this emerging design and decision tool, Green Building Calculator Version 2 [GBC V2] at Futurebuild 2022.

One year later he brings Green Retrofit Calculator Version 1 [GRC V1].

Green Retrofit Calculator GRC Poster showing: Solution Providers (pink), Products and their datasets (dark blue), House types and their properties (orange), Risk assessment (Yellow), Target U values, EE EC SC (pale blue), Users and tenderers (pink), Calculated U values, EE EC SC (dark green); Summary Sheets all results in one place (pale green).

GRC Version 1 provides information regarding:

  • English & Scottish House Condition Survey: >20 Existing house types to choose from
  • Building dimensions and glazing geometry
  • Occupancy and lifestyle setting temperatures
  • Target U values: Regulations v Design v Campaign v WUFI Standards
  • >150 different conductivity and radiation insulation materials, formats, densities
  • Elemental Assembly R & U value calculator
  • Choose or add materials or products
  • Existing building, previous interventions and 2 option scenarios
  • Site location, exposure conditions, material choices and risk assessment
  • Whole building energy consumption
  • Elemental heat loss & percentages
  • Fuel choice
  • Carbon in use
  • embodied energy
  • embodied carbon
  • sequestered carbon
  • its built-in bill of quantities enables:
  • cost planning
  • cost of building
  • cost of running a building
  • proper value engineering opportunities to keep and add good things in, not just cost cutting good stuff out

GRC V1 has been created for clients, students, architects, surveyors, developers, contractors and property managers alike.

Summary Sheet bring all the results together in one place

  • Well informed decisions can be made
  • Any change in specification generates instantaneous updated throughout
  • Different scenarios can be considered
Green Retrofit Calculator GRC Summary Sheet: Upper V1 010323 showing: Rows left: Building Elements, U values, Temperature differences, Watts of energy, Areas, % Area v % heat loss; Top right Scenarios: Existing+previous interventions, Proposal 1, Proposal 2 Lower left: Total heat loss, In use energy, In use carbon dioxide, Hours of use, years of service, In-use running costs, embodied energy, embodied carbon, sequestered carbon, total carbon (for each element of the building in columns) Lower right: results of the same scenarios above.

GRC future version are planned, adding more:

  • datasets,
  • equations
  • calculators including:
  • payback periods,
  • carbon back periods,
  • waste minimisation by design
  • waste cost
  • embodied energy and carbon in waste
  • recycled content
  • plastics and cement avoidance
  • condensation analysis
  • decrement delay calculations (avoiding overheating)
  • Specification output

It’s an impartial, easy to use, value for money product that can result in our buildings having a positive environmental impact, rather than contributing to terminating our planet for comfortable human occupation!

Brian will show screenshots of the Calculator, you can ask as many questions as you like, interrogate and understand the inner workings of GRC V1.

There will be a presentation on the Edge stand L50 Thursday 12:15 (see video below)

#makinganimpact #sustainablity #construction

Green Retrofit Calculator GRC Logo 3 symbolically showing: Green (input data), Red (choose from list of options), Brown (data from look up tables based on choices made so far), Dark Blue (results of calculations based on choices so far), Pale blue (results of calculations but can be changed to add variations, Orange Red and Green (results with conditional formatting)

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GRC Video

Describing how GRC grew out of GBC and highlighting the Readymade House Types and Risk Assessment


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4th March 2023 – 12th March 2023

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