Green Building Calculator – bespoke

Not Bespoke but options:

  • GBC Green Building Calculator is available as XLSX format file
  • If you need XLS please contact GBC
  • If you need other file formats please contact GBC

Bespoke versions can be made including: 

  • Corporate Identity, layouts and logos
    • Carried out by GBC for users
    • Maintaining calculator integrity

Bespoke Modules can be developed:

  • At STBA and SPAB 2020 Conference GBC suggested a bespoke module to compare window improvement cost and carbon analysis
GBC Bespoke B1 EH Text Slide PNG

This was developed as a mock up of a spreadsheet by brainstorming the possible solutions and placing a gut-instinct value in the cells.

GBC Bespoke B1 EH Slide PNG
  • The plan would be to replace the + and – with calculated numbers
GBC Bespoke 1 SecondaryElementUpgrades VB1 131020 PNG
  • This has been recreated in GBC awaiting future development
  • Retrofit Bespoke datasets will be collected from bespoke research publications and added

A planned GBC CPD for Women in Rail is an opportunity to talk about Infrastructure Embodied Carbon, PAS 2080, ICE V3, CEEQUAL and Carbon counting of materials and transport of heavy materials, etc.

Inevitably showing Green Building Calculator will reveal the early Infrastructure components waiting to be developed in a later version. GBC will show how users can do their own calculations, get ahead of the curve or help GBC bring this module forward for early completion.

An unlocked version for user development can be available under an NDA.

  • There will be no hidden pages: all cells will be accessible to interrogate the calculations
  • It allows users to customise, manipulate and develop unique versions for their organisation
  • With GBE guidance in order to maintain calculator integrity
  • GBE will encourage user developers to share there unique parts for consideration for the core product
  • GBE will establish and maintain a stakeholder group to steer the development of GBC
  • A BIM App is on our agenda at Version 15 unless users want it sooner
    • We will have conversations early to avoid end of cul-de-sac issues

If the world is watching and would like to join in:

  • £ conversion to Euro or other currencies
    • Regrettably we left EU (sort of, almost entirely),
  • Metric to Imperial
    • USA is asking for feet and inches, etc.
    • We asked USA to find somebody to do the conversion for us
  • U (UK) and R (EU) values
    • Both already exist in ‘Elements’
  • Local/Regional/National/Europe/International ‘Product’ datasets
    • A worksheet is available to submit other products, accessories and systems to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward
  • National Regulations or Local Green Building Council Targets
    • A worksheet is available to submit other regulations or standards to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward
  • Regional LCA Datasets
    • A worksheet will be available to submit other LCA datasets to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward


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8th June 2020 – 3rd February 2021