Green Building Calculator – bespoke

Not Bespoke but options:

  • GBC Green Building Calculator is available as XLSX format file
  • If you need XLS please contact GBC
  • If you need other file formats please contact GBC

Bespoke versions can be made including: 

  • Corporate Identity, layouts and logos
    • Carried out by GBC for users
    • Maintaining calculator integrity

Bespoke Modules can be developed:

  • At STBA and SPAB 2020 Conference GBC suggested a bespoke module to compare window improvement cost and carbon analysis
GBC Bespoke B1 EH Text Slide PNG

This was developed as a mock up of a spreadsheet by brainstorming the possible solutions and placing a gut-instinct value in the cells.

GBC Bespoke B1 EH Slide PNG
  • The plan would be to replace the + and – with calculated numbers
GBC Bespoke 1 SecondaryElementUpgrades VB1 131020 PNG
  • This has been recreated in GBC awaiting future development
  • Retrofit Bespoke datasets will be collected from bespoke research publications and added

An unlocked version for user development can be available under an NDA.

  • There will be no hidden pages: all cells will be accessible to interrogate the calculations
  • It allows users to customise, manipulate and develop unique versions for their organisation
  • With GBE guidance in order to maintain calculator integrity
  • GBE will encourage user developers to share there unique parts for consideration for the core product
  • GBE will establish and maintain a stakeholder group to steer the development of GBC
  • A BIM App is on our agenda at Version 15 unless users want it sooner
    • We will have conversations early to avoid end of cul-de-sac issues

If the world is watching and would like to join in:

  • £ conversion to Euro or other currencies
    • Regrettably we left EU (sort of, almost entirely),
  • Metric to Imperial
    • USA is asking for feet and inches, etc.
    • We asked USA to find somebody to do the conversion for us
  • U (UK) and R (EU) values
    • Both already exist in ‘Elements’
  • Local/Regional/National/Europe/International ‘Product’ datasets
    • A worksheet is available to submit other products, accessories and systems to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward
  • National Regulations or Local Green Building Council Targets
    • A worksheet is available to submit other regulations or standards to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward
  • Regional LCA Datasets
    • A worksheet will be available to submit other LCA datasets to enhance GBC
    • Free upgrade to current or next version as a reward