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GBC @ Futurebuild 2022 Exhibition

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GBC @ Futurebuild 2022 Event

Podcast from the Show

Green Building Calculator version 2 launch

Brian Murphy, aka BrianSpecMan, founder of GreenSpec – and now creator of the Green Building Encyclopaedia, demonstrated the key features of his emerging design and decision tool, Green Building Calculator [GBC].

GBC Version 1 provided information regarding

  • Form Factor and target U values
  • U values: Regulations v Design Standards
  • Insulation different materials thicknesses to meet U values
  • Elemental Assembly R & U value calculator
  • Whole building energy consumption
  • Elemental heat loss percentages
  • Windows v Insulation cost analysis
  • Fuel choice
  • Carbon in use
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GBC Version 2 calculates:

  • embodied energy
  • embodied carbon
  • sequestered carbon
  • its built-in bill of quantities enables:
  • cost planning
  • cost of building
  • cost of running a building

GBC has been created for clients, architects, developers, contractors and property managers alike.

GBC version 3 to 38 are planned, adding more:

  • datasets,
  • equations
  • calculators including:
  • payback periods,
  • carbon back periods,
  • proper value engineering opportunities to keep and add good things in, not just cost cutting good stuff out
  • waste minimisation by design
  • waste cost
  • embodied energy and carbon in waste
  • recycled content
  • plastics avoidance
  • condensation analysis
  • decrement delay calculations (avoiding overheating)
  • and many more
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It’s an impartial, easy to use, value for money product that can result in our buildings having a positive environmental impact, rather than contributing to terminating our planet for human occupation!

Brian will demonstrate the Calculator, you can ask as many questions as you like, interrogate and understand the inner workings of GBC V2.

#makinganimpact #sustainablity #construction

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GBC @ Futurebuild 2022 Exhibition C#681 End.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **

28th November 2021 – 17th May 2022

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