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Self-Build & Design Show West Event

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  • Date: Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10-4, 10th – 11th September 2022
  • Event: Self-Build & Design Show West
  • Venue: Westpoint, Exeter, Clyst St. Mary, Exeter, EX5 1DJ
  • Presenting Green Building Calculator (GBC V2) and Firstplanit
  • Meet BrianSpecMan from GBC and Ankita of Firstplanit

GBC and Firstplanit join forces for retrofit and new build


  • Alliance for Sustainable Building (ASBP) had referred Ankita of Firstplanit to BrianSpecMan of National Green Specification (NGS), Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) 2 years earlier but our email services never quite made the connection
  • We individually exhibited at Futurebuild 2022 with very positive response from construction professionals to both offerings.
  • GBC received an email from Firstplanit the first morning of the show, GBC realised that Firstplanit had created what BrianSpecMan had wanted to do 20 years ago, with bells and whistles.
  • Ankita visited BrianSpecMan at the GBC stand and that was the most important handshake of the show.
  • We are now working together to push our ambitions as far as we can.
  • The self-build market was buoyant in the East and South West we decided to dip our toes into the water and see if there is a need for Firstplanit and GBC in this sector.
  • It turns out the need is very high, we are glad we came here.
  • We met with so many self-builders at different stages of their journeys and gave them plenty of independent advice
  • We met Anti-Greenwash Charter‘s Charlie & Becks after a recent 1 hour zoom call
  • We met Exeter Science Centre‘s Natalie and hope to present to their audiences
  • We met Build a Dream Self Build Association‘s Valarie and have planned a presentation 25/10/2022

Meet Ankita of Firstplanit and BrianSpecMan from GBC

SelfBuild+Design 2022 AD
A visitor being introduced to Firstplanit by Ankita Dwivedi

2 speaker slots presenting Violet v Green Materials and Green Building Calculator

On the stand we ran GBC Powerpoints of GBC Screenshots

GBC Video

SelfBuild&Design West 2022
Circular economy in action:
Shell scheme gets used many times each year
Table and chairs hired for the two days
Apple iMac Monitor: new-to-me, remanufactured with war wounds, via Mac4Schools
Exhibition furniture: reclaimed plywood from dismantled grain drying retaining wall made by Martin West of Syndicate West
Posters: >50% are reused for GBC and <50% are new for Firstplanit

Smart phone: Next outing with new-to-me refurbished iPhone11 from Back<Market
Back<Market has just passed the 1m tonnes of CO2e avoided by selling second-life refurbished smart phones and computers avoiding making new ones. 21/04/2023

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Future Events

  • UK Construction Week ’22
    • Venue: NEC Birmingham,
    • Zone: Net Zero,
    • Stand: B1081 (close to the Grand Design link.)
  • Regen ’22
    • Liverpool, 2nd-3rd November
We were not alone a glimpse before the public arrived

Self-Build & Design Show West Event GBC#1423

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
27th August 2022 – 23rd April 2023

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