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TGR Twilight Talks: Green Building Calculator Vs Carbon Terminator

Delegate Poll: Given freedom to choose with no barriers or limitations, what would your design and decision tool, focussed on carbon, be able to do?

TGR Twilight TalkGreen Building Calculator Version 2 PreviewResponse to Wishful thinking
DelegateBlue Sky Wishful Thinking?Capability or not.
Planned development versions:
Once the User group is set up, after GBC Version 2, we will determine the development order.
So GBC Versions noted below are flexible.
Thomas Robinson:Different modules associated to an EPD A1-A3 or A1 to D?Hi Tom LCA EPD is planned for GBC Version 3
Sophie Bates:Easy to input data and clear instructions, ability to hide parts of the table so it is clear to read/understand from someone who hasn’t done this before.Instruction worksheet initially.
Pop-up instructions in each cell long term.
Colour coded cells and legend to explain colours.
Print settings and custom views hide parts from users.
Training will be offered by GBC.
Sophie Bates:Great to have for projects which aren’t BIM. Non-BIM Version 1 onwards
30% not using BIM so it is essential Green Cells are potential BIM input cells.
BoM = BoQ are potential BIM input cells.
BIM App: Version 16 (flexible)
Sophie Bates:Definitely U-value calculator and condensation.U Value: Version 1 onwards Condensation: Version 3?
I need to re-educate myself 45 year old college-knowledge needs a refresh.
Sophie do you have the know-how?
Sophie Bates:Data sets of materials is good so you can easily click on a material you are including in your build up.Version 1: copy and paste from included datasets worksheet Version 1: Drop down lists to choose from those available
Version 2: Look-up-tables auto populate cells
I have thousands of product in spreadsheets to merge into GBE.
I plan to invite all users to donate their datasets to embed them in next issues.
DJ Lee:life- cycle cradle to cradle calculator for all operational and embodied carbon in a project for a standard building life.LCA EPD is planned for GBC Version 3. Would need to add ‘E’ to get ‘to Cradle’.
Or you start again as new build Circular economy in Version 14
Tim Chapman:Life cycle dataLCA > EPD data adding from Version 3
Zana Dean:You need a demolition calculator- as many schemes start with a demolition/ site clearanceHello Zana Very important, I get that. Not offered specifically at Version 2. Bespoke retrofit version has the ‘remove’ option function, I will migrate that function to GBC asap
Adding waste calculator can feed into this.
WasteCost®lite will feed into this at planned Version 11 (flexible can bring forward)
Natalie Webster:Calculator that works for existing buildings as well as new buildVersion 1 was created for new build Version 1 has some retrofit functions Version 2 is much stronger on Retrofit The bespoke Retrofit version will feedback into later version 3 or 4?
Sophie Bates:Ability to flip between different standards e.g. building regs./ lets/ RIBA once information infilledMany regulations and design standards in Version 1.
Ability to switch in version 1
More regulations and standards added (LETI & RIBA) to Version 2.
Look up table function instantaneous switching in Version 2
Shu Architects:Sequested Carbon and condensation calcsSequestered Carbon in Version 2 Condensation in Version 3 or 4
DJ Lee:yes – full DfD implicationsDesign for Deconstruction
Circular economy addressed in Version 14 (flexible can bring forward)
Clare Gregory:Easy access to data sets of manufacturer’s information which gives clear concise dataManufacturer’s datasets started version 1
I have thousands of datasets to merge into GBE after Version 2
Big campaign to add Version 2-4 Needs many subscribers, funding or manufacturer’s pay to be included
Nathan Oliver:Easy to understand summary comparisons in simple English, jargon free, that clients not familiar with building / industry speak can understand and relate to.Rule 1: No Architecture jargon
Rule 2: Plain English as much as possible
Conditional formatting traffic light colours to show relative performance. Numbers should be easy enough
I will add Jargon Busters on GBE website and link to them.
Summary sheets: Version 1 and being developed in Version 2 to help persuade clients
Some educating of clients will still be necessary
Thomas Robinson:Clear difference between LCA and EPD. What standard is it to enable fair comparison.LCA is secret to manufacturer
EPD is available to public
EN 15804 is intended to be equal and fair comparison
EPD in Version 3
DJ Lee:yes – full EPD life-cycle C2cFull EPD in Version 3
Module D is demolition
Module E (does not exist) will be necessary for C2C
No data exists for Module E
sue churchill:Something that has consistent language and metrics with RIBA Climate Challenge roadmap – make it as simple as possible for maximum uptakeAgree, RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge in Version 2
2020 2025 targets are surplus to requirements,
only 2030 is relevant or we have to do refurbishment on them before 2030
Ciaran Davis-Wall:Being able to interrogate the Excel spreadsheet. e.g. PHPP good, GLA SAP10 calculator bad.Open Book is essential for learning and becoming carbon literate
Not sure I understand the example: PHPP is good, I agree.
SAP is bad, I agree.
Do you mean GLA SAP10 is a black box, PHPP is not?
I need to investigate GLA SAP10.
Can you give me a link?
Jack spencer Ashworth:We’ve been looking for a tool to calculate embodied carbon for some time. We’ve been using FCBS Tool but it is limited in that you can’t put in bespoke materials so would be good to have one that can input bespoke materials and incorporates data on individual materials and common build ups.Glad to hear that
GBC will probably never have every materials and every product so it has to be manual completion
GBC version 1 can only be added in type or copy and paste by users
GBC Version 2 can be auto-filled but still permits manual filling
GBC Version 4 will have some of 892 readymade assemblies (common build ups) to choose from or compare
Cherie Yeo:Individual Products / materials but also common building fabric build ups for immediate overview of carbon cost aligned with cost estimates for early strategic design direction – thanksVersion 1 has many materials and sample products to prove the calculator
Version 2 has a few more
Version 2 onwards will make a big effort to get more products into the datasets and seek cost data too.
My ambition is to promote green and low carbon but others are necessary for comparison purpose.
Version 4 will have some of 892 ready made assemblies (common Build ups)
Claire Humphreys:Yes to existing buildings. Proving the benefits of retrofitVersion 1 was created for new build Version 1 has some retrofit functions Version 2 is much stronger on Retrofit The bespoke Retrofit version will feedback into later version 3 or 4?
Tim Chapman:Simple summary sheets for client buy-inSummary sheets are designed to help persuade clients to spend money in the right places
Ian McKay:A means of logging route miles in CO2e impacts.DEFRA data via ICE 3.0 is already developed into Version 2
Will add transport function from Factory gate to site, site to landfill, site to second life in Version 14 & 27 (flexible, or sooner)
Also working on another bespoke tool to capture labour and plant transport, will add in a later version 27 (flexible, or sooner)
DJ Lee:need ability to interrogate for Pollution, Climate degradation and on Biodiversity/Ecosystems as wellLCA > EPD in Version 3 Biodiversity Net gain in Version 21 (Flexible, or sooner)
Indoor Air Quality in version 28 & 31 (flexible, or sooner)
Ralf Thiede:In use data to allow offsetting capital costs against potential savings in operational cost.In use data Version 1
Bill of Quantities in Version 2
Building Materials in Version 2
Services in Version 19 (flexible, or sooner)
Sophie Bates:Can you use it for a plan that is stepped in plan?  Often domestic houses/ extensions are -thanksNot yet but I am thinking about how it can be included as soon as possible Rear extension in Terraces are in Version 2
Cath HassellWhere has the information/data come from that you have put in here?Hi Cath
There are many sources
There is a worksheet that lists all the data sources, Version 1
Will be added to in all Versions.
When a material is chosen its EE EC SC data source is identified in a cell, Version 2.
Other data sources could be revealed in other parts of GBC Version 2 or 3.
Steve Taylor:Is airtightness included in the calculator? How are ventilation and infiltration heat losses taken into account?Not yet, version 30 (flexible)
It has to be prioritised, aim for Version 3
Services planned in Version 19 (flexible, or sooner)
Simon at ASBPuseful link Simon
Thank you I will investigate and add as appropriate in Version 2 and Bespoke retrofit version
Natalie Webster:Does the calculator version 2 already work for retrofit?Retrofit started in Version 1
Retrofit reinforced in Version 2 Bespoke Retrofit functions will be added after version 2
Melissa MerryweatherIs HQM one of your standards referencedNot so far 12/10/21
I will investigate Melissa do you have a link?
DJ Lee:Is this calculator ready for attracting some serious money to turbo charge full development soonest?Yes I believe so, once Version 2 is launched.
I have prepared a short PowerPoint for a funding agent indicating what needs funding urgently (Data Collection 5 man yeas in first year and 5 man years of adding more functions) with rough budgets added. Once Version 2 is launched I will make a big effort to find funding.
Yesterday approached local LEP. Innovate UK Edge Teams meeting booked soon.
I hope Version 2 subscriptions will get the funding started. Crowd funding may be possible.
DJ Lee:…and can this excellent tool be profiled in margins of COP26 to highlight art of the possibleThank you for the compliment The Bespoke Retrofit is going to be at COP26 Edinburgh.
I welcome any chance to promote this at other COP26 events
DJ Lee:Good to hear that Brian.Thank you DJ Lee
Claire Humphreys:Sorry need to go but very interestingThank you Claire, glad you think so
David Clare:I need to go, but thanks to Brian, and TGR, for this helpful sessionThank you David
Natalie Webster:Thank you Brian really interestingThank you Natalie, Glad you thought so
Rob McGinnes:Thank you Brian and TGRThank you Rob
Clare Gregory:Many thanks. Looks like a really interesting tool.Thank you Clare, glad you thought so
Ciaran Davis-Wall:Thank youThank you Ciaran
Cath Teagle-Davies:Thank you!Thank you Cath
The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products:Thanks everyoneHi Simon Thank you
Ralf Thiede:Thank youThank you Ralf
TGT TT GBC CPD Poll 3 Blue Sky Thinking

GBC Blue Sky Thinking C#580 End.

13th October 2021 – 18th October 2021

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