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GBC at University Learning C#964

By 16/03/2022March 30th, 2022No Comments

GBC at University Learning

University of Hertfordshire at Hatfield visited GBC at Futurebuild 2022 and after discussion we are arranging for GBC to attend and explain about the current ability and ambitions of GBC V2.

First seminar: Carbon Counting Calculators to Civil Engineering Students.

Texas USA students on an exchange programme with the UK needed Carbon accounting software searched the internet and bought GBC V1, they visited GBC at Futurebuild to learn what they could about carbon counting, GBC capability and translation to USA practices

Numerous students asked for GBC to be an App and were not familiar with MS Excel!
What have we been teaching them? Lots about Apps I suppose.

Costs of GBC V2

GBC V2 will be sold to Students and University staff at low cost of entry to encourage its uptake.

Student rates will be low: £4.88 one off or annual subscription (for own use only)

University staff rate: £8.88 one off or annual subscription (for own use only, to present and demonstrate)

University staff rate to hand out to one student cohort: £98.88 one off or annual subscription

GBC Presentation Material

In addition to the design and decision tool calculator itself, GBC have a PowerPoint file to explain the reason it was created, what it does how it is developing and future ambitions.

GBC CPD Seminar C#983

There will also be videos explaining each worksheet purpose and how to use them.

GBC at University Learning C#964 End.

© GBE GBC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
16th March 2022 – 20th March 2022

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