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Manufacturers Suppliers

  • Product dataset providers
  • Material dataset providers

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  • Once GBC Version 2 is released @ Futurebuild in March 2022
  • A manufacturers and suppliers group will be set up
  • A Zoom meeting will be held to introduce the opportunity to be included in Green Building Calculator
  • If you wish to join this group use the Contact function
  • Questions and responses will be added to FAQ

Green Building Product Data Collection (GBPDC):

GBPDC Green Building Product Data Collection Logo

  • An Excel worksheet has been created and is available
  • As GBC Versions develop additional datasets will be required and new cells will be added to GBC PDC
  • Data Input:
    • Download the latest version of the GBPDC file for free
    • To be completed by Suppliers, Manufacturers or Installers at their speed, at their expense
    • Or completed by GBC at Suppliers, Manufacturers or Installers expense
    • To be audited by GBC for corrections or completion by Suppliers, Manufacturers or Installers or by GBC at their expense
  • Information collected:
    • Products, Accessories and Systems
    • Sizes, properties and certification
    • Appropriate Competent Applications
    • Specification Information
    • Embodied Energy, embodied and sequestered carbon data
    • Life Cycle Assessment Environmental Product Declaration data
  • Read more
  • Collect file (pending)

Green Building Price Book (GBPB)

Green Building Price Book Logo

  • This was promoted 20 years ago but the publishers pushed back: “No demand”
  • Today with incompetent cost planning the industry is as good as bankrupt.
  • Building price books used for cost planning are based on:
    • Low granularity assemblies leading to inaccuracy and incompetency
    • Violet materials prices in a world that is asking for more greener materials
  • GBC needs better price data to feed the calculator
  • Prices and rates need to be realistic prices that are available in the market.
  • Read more
  • Collect file (pending)

See Also:

  • PowerPoint CPD seminar:
    • GBC Green Building Calculator + GBC Future Development

Coming soon:

  • Guidance video about and how to use or complete:
    • GBC Green Building Calculator
    • GBPDC Green Building Product Data Collection
    • GBPB Green Building Price Book
  • Live Zoom meeting: introduction, including a demonstration.
  • Recorded Zoom meeting: available from YouTube after live events.
  • Telephone Helpline: To be announced, if found necessary.
  • Powerpoint CPD:
    • GBPDC Green Building Product Data Collection
    • GBPB Green Building Price Book
    • GBC Green Building Calculator

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