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Green Building Calculator GBC Green Retrofit Calculator at Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Show 2023

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Build for the Future EM Lincolnshire Show 2023
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Green Retrofit Calculator version 1 preview

Brian Murphy, aka BrianSpecMan, founder of GreenSpec – and now creator of the Green Building Encyclopaedia, demonstrated the key features of his emerging design and decision tool, Green Retrofit Calculator [GRC V1]. GRC V1 was developed from Green Building Calculator GBC V2

GRC Version 1 provided information regarding

  • Survey forms to collect building and previous intervention data
  • English and Scottish House condition survey developed as 30 house types to choose from
  • Analysis forms to collate building data and proposed intervention
  • Risk assessment between existing building and proposed interventions
  • Target U values: Regulations, Conservation and STBA v Design Standards or WUFI limits
  • Insulation different materials thicknesses to meet U values
  • Elemental Assembly R & U value calculator
  • Whole building energy consumption
  • Elemental heat loss percentages
  • Fuel choice
  • Carbon in use
  • Energy in use
Green Retrofit Calculator GRC Poster showing: Solution Providers (pink), Products and their datasets (dark blue), House types and their properties (orange), Risk assessment (Yellow), Target U values, EE EC SC (pale blue), Users and tenderers (pink), Calculated U values, EE EC SC (dark green); Summary Sheets all results in one place (pale green).

GRC has been created for home owner clients, but is useful for architects, developers, contractors and property managers alike.

It’s an impartial, easy to use, value for money product that can result in our buildings having a positive environmental impact, rather than contributing to terminating our planet for human occupation!

Results Summary Sheet

  • U values to Watts to CO2
  • Elemental percentages
  • Scenarios: Existing and Previous interventions, Proposed 2 options
  • Setting In-use hours to whole life
  • Elemental Breakdowns:
    • Conduction heat losses
    • In-use energy
    • Fuel choice
    • In use Carbon Dioxide
    • In use running costs
    • Embodied Energy
    • Embodied carbon
    • Sequestered Carbon
Green Retrofit Calculator GRC Uvalue to Watts to CO2 ScreenShot V1 250223

The exhibition also included:

Green Building Calculator

GBC Worksheet Diagram
  • Diagram of worksheets
  • Future Developments

Green Building Encyclopaedia

  • Mind Map of GBE Website

Awards Board

GBC Awards FB 2022 PNG
  • Green Apple Award Poster

Lincolnshire Show 2023 C#2020

© GBE GBC GRC GBL NGS ASWS Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan **
22nd June 2023

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