Green Building Calculator GBC Awards

GBV V1 Showcased in the 2022 Futurebuild’s Innovations Gallery 2021

  • Awaiting the Innovations Gallery to go live
  • announced 17/12/2021
GBC Futurebuild 2022 Innovation Gallery

Awarded 2020/2021

  • WSSET Innovation Awards 2020/21.

  • ‘Green Building Calculator aims to provide non-BIM equipped small design practices with the ability to evaluate their design’s environmental impact and cost of constructing and occupying a building’  

  • Category: Low carbon buildings and future cities WINNER

  • Professor Saffa B Riffat F.EurASc

  • President – World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies

WSSET Certificate WIA 2020-21 Winner Brian Murphy

Awarded in 2021

  • LSI RISE Awards 2021 (Highly Commended)
    • Category: Education & Training,
    • Poster 104
    • LSI RISE 2021 (Award) G#39789

LSI RISE Awards 2021 HighlyCommended PNG

LSI RISE Winners List 2021 PDF


Awarded in 2020

Prestige Awards Central England 2020

Awarded in 2020

GBC V1 Green Apple 2020 Award. View of V2

International Green Apple Award 20210 for Environmental Best Practice Carbon Reduction Silver Winner National Green Specification

Green Apple National Silver Environment Award 2020

Green Apple Award 2020 Winner logo

Green Apple Awards


  • Construction Computing 2020 (Award)
    • Innovation of the Year (Finalist)
    • One to Watch Company (Finalist)
  • Constructing Excellence EM 2021 (Shortlisted not awarded)
Construction Computing 300 x 300

Long Listed

ASBP Awards 2021 Logo PNG
ASBP 2021 Award Video Long list PNG

Not shortlisted

  • Constructing Excellence EofE 2021 (Not shortlisted)
  • CIBSE 2020 BPA awards GBC (Not shortlisted)
    • So new, no data, no outputs
    • Will reapply 2022.

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4th September 2021 – 17th December 2021

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